About Us


To empower east Baltimore communities with life-enriching programs for youth and older adults.


An east Baltimore where youth and older adults have access to exceptional services and resources to thrive.


  • Mission Driven: We create authentic and meaningful conversations and experiences with the community and our partners that support action and progress toward the mission.
  • Community Focused and Connected: We empower residents to take ownership of their well-being, fostering an environment where everyone has a voice and the resources to thrive.
  • Excellence: We ensure that our programs and services remain effective, relevant, and impactful by embracing innovation and change and learning from our challenges.
  • Reputation: We maintain the highest standards of accountability in our operations, ensuring that all our decisions and actions are in the best interest of the community
  • Equity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility:  We create a space where people of all backgrounds, abilities, and identities are welcomed, respected, and valued and have their needs addressed.
  • Staff: We recognize that our staff is our most valuable resource.

Banner's History

Banner Neighborhoods Community Corporation was established in 1982 to address disinvestment in Baltimore City communities of color, which had resulted in deterioration of housing stock and increasing numbers of vacant and abandoned homes. Supported by a major grant from the Ford Foundation, Banner initiated a program to help seniors keep their homes in good repair and remain in their communities. In 1999 Banner launched a community empowerment initiative that resulted in visible neighborhood improvements such as wall murals, community gardens, and playgrounds. Programs for youth were added in 2000. Today, key initiatives include services to help senior homeowners age in place, afterschool and weekend programs for young people, job preparation for older youth, and partnerships with community-based organizations.

Banner's Future

Banner’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan provides a road map for bringing more resources and more services to the residents of east Baltimore. Over the next three years we will be exploring new revenue streams, securing more program space, investing in our infrastructure, creating new jobs, and sharing more good stories about the Banner neighborhoods.