Strategic Plan

Strategic Priority 1

Board and Staff Capacity

Strengthening organizational and governance processes, communications, and resources to benefit the development and expansion of the Board and staff.


  1. Develop a succession plan for board officers and key staff by March 2024.

  2. Increase employee communications, teamwork, and retention by December 2024.

  3. Increase Board membership and engagement by December 2025.

Strategic Priority 2

Financial Sustainability

Maintaining the financial resources needed to deliver and expand on our mission over the long term.


  1. Increase individual donors by 100% by December of 2026.

  2. Increase corporate donors by 50% by December of 2026.

  3. Increase unrestricted funding by 25% by December 2026.

Strategic Priority 3

Program Evaluation

Measuring the effectiveness and the impact of our programs and services on the community.


  1. Complete a program evaluation by December 2025.

  2. Begin to use our program evaluation output by July 2026 to make informed decisions about future programming.

Strategic Priority 4

Marketing and Outreach

Amplifying our mission, programs and services, and community impact via targeted marketing and outreach to engage potential donors, volunteers, partners, and community members.



  1. Begin publishing an Annual Report highlighting program successes and impacts by January 2024.

  2. Develop a Marketing and Outreach Plan by June 2024.

  3. Redesign and rollout a new external website by January 2026.

Strategic Priority 5

Strategic Partnerships

Identifying, building, and maintaining relationships with other organizations and individuals to further our mission.


  1. Establish a communication vehicle for sharing information across the community by March 2024.

  2. Evaluate current strategic partnerships by December 2024.

  3. Identify a maximum of six (6) new strategic partners by June 2025.